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Sage of Enlightenment offers services and programs to awaken midlife women to the most powerful tool they have – their intuition, and to teach them how to use it to align with their highest potential for success and meaning in business and in life.

Clients work with Marla, the founder of Sage of Enlightenment, in private coaching sessions, Tarot card readings, teleseminars, and group coaching programs.

Services are delivered by telephone, so there is no travel or inconvenience involved – and it doesn’t matter where you live. (Ain’t technology grand?)

Individual and Group Coaching

Marla is available for individual coaching on a one-time or ongoing basis.

If you have an immediate question that you want to come to closure on, a single coaching session can help you come to a decision. This is good for questions such as:

  • What type of business should I start?
  • What target market excites me?
  • What topics am I passionate about?

Marla will not tell you what to do. She will help you get clear on what you want, and what’s critical to making the decision. You may not have made your decision by the end of a single session, but you will be clearer on what you need to do.

If you want to go deeper, an ongoing coaching program may be what you need. An ongoing program requires a six month commitment. The program will be tailored to your needs. Along the way we’ll:

  • Reveal buried desires and create goals.
  • Create plans to achieve those goals.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior.
  • Identify toxins in your environnment and how to deal with them.

All of this will propel you forward towards success in your business and life.

Group coaching programs will be announced on the Sage of Enlightenment website events page,  mailing list and Facebook page.

Contact Marla  to explore which individual coaching option is right for you.


Teleseminars on topics of personal growth and intuitive development are available. Free teleseminars will be announced on the Sage of Enlightenment website (Events page), mailing list and Facebook page.

If you want to know when free teleseminars will be offered, get on the mailing list (in the column to the right).

Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

If you are interested in a Tarot card reading, please visit the Tarot 4 Insight website. There you will find available readings, pricing, and reviews.

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