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From Empty Nest to Living with Zest (Thanksgiving Edition)

Tuesday, October 25
8:30 PM Eastern Time

This is a preview call to a program that provides support throughout November and the Thanksgiving holiday.

During this call you will:

  • Understand why you feel so bad right now and learn what you can do to move through it more quickly and comfortably.
  • Realize that, while life has changed, this is a time of new possibilities for you.
  • Get charged with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration to go out and create your new life.
  • Find out how to get even more support.

Go here to register for the free preview call:

Radio, Radio

On Monday, Sep 26, I was a guest on an Asheville radio show (103.5 FM) called “Seeds of Light,” hosted by Healer Stardancer. In this episode, I talk about Tarot during the last 17 minutes. Other guests are Jenny Leister from 10,000 Villages, Angelic Channel Candie Michelle, and Empatherapist Michelle Payton.

Listen to the full replay.

Listen to my interview portion.

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Intunition Tuesdays

The Sage of Enlightenment free teleseminar series, “Intunition Tuesdays,” is scheduled to start soon at the following times:

9 PM Eastern

8 PM Central

7 PM Mountain

6 PM Pacific

Check back here or get on the Sage of Enlightenment mailing list (to the right ->) for details.

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