About Marla

Marla created Sage of Enlightenment created as a vehicle to create the space for midlife women to rise above the labels of society and expectations of others to discover who they are and how they want to express themselves in the world.

Clients work with Marla in individual and group coaching  programs from the comfort of their own homes. Contact Marla if you are interested in a Midlife Discovery Session.

Marla believes that we are all connected pinpoints of consciousness, expressing and reflecting Divinity, but to BE that, we must heal from the inside and be fully aware of ourselves and the reality we create. Awareness starts with our own intuition, and everyone possesses the ability to access their own intuition.

Greater awareness leads to higher consciousness, better decisions and success in the business of life. The more you know yourself and what you want; the more you’re able to broaden your perspective to see all of the choices before you; the better your life becomes.

Marla earned a BA in Economics from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA, an MS in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ, and a two-year certificate in Ceramics from Worcester Craft Center in Worcester, MA.

Marla has completed a program in Spiritual Coaching from ‘Coaching From Spirit Institute.’ She started reading Tarot cards in high school. Upon finding an unopened deck of Tarot cards and a book, she started reading with the ‘recipe’ method: laying out the cards and reading the meanings from the book.

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