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The mission of Sage of Enlightenment is to create the space for midlife women to rise above the labels of society and expectations of others to discover who they are and how they want to express themselves in the world.

Clients work with Marla, the founder of Sage of Enlightenment, in individual and group coaching programs from the comfort of their own homes. Contact Marla if you are interested in a Midlife Discovery Session.

What is a Sage of Enlightenment?

A Sage of Enlightenment is a wise person who furnishes knowledge or gives spiritual insight.

When you’re stuck and find yourself going around in circles in your head, it’s impossible to make good decisions – and it can be agonizing. What do you do? You could seek guidance from someone or something for knowledge or insight. That someone or something is a Sage of Enlightenment.

A Sage could be a person (such as a friend or coach), or it could be your own intuition. Get in touch with your Inner Sage to access knowledge and spiritual insight. Spark your desires and light up your life. Make friends with your Inner Sage. He or she can inform you and guide you to make good choices.

Consulting your intuition doesn’t mean you ignore all thought or reason. You were given a brain for a reason – use it. When you’re aligned, your Inner Sage works with reason, not against it. You make decisions that feel right – that you don’t feel compelled to constantly second-guess. You feel inspired to take actions to achieve your goals. You get out of bed feeling good.

You can be a Sage of Enlightenment at any age. In fact, the potential to access your inner sage is always with you. Your inner sage is always available. Many of us don’t begin to consult with our inner sage until we’ve conquered the world of work or raised our children, or both. That’s when you might start to wonder, “I’ve done all of this, and what’s next?”

Another way you might come to that place is through trauma. Have you noticed that many people in the ‘Spiritual but not Religious’ world experienced trauma at some point in their life? It could have involved childhood abuse, loss of a loved one, illness or disability, financial loss, or natural disaster. These events – some of them occurring over many years – may cause someone to turn to their Inner Sage for guidance and strength.

New Age of Enlightenment

It feels like we’re entering a New Age of Enlightenment. The Old Age of Enlightenment came to be somewhere between the mid 1600’s to late 1700’s. During this time, there was a move from religion, mysticism, and superstition to intellect and science. It was a fertile period during which the American (1776) and French (1789) Revolutions took place.

This time, the pendulum is swinging the other way, perhaps to rest somewhere in the middle. Intellect and reason are still important. Mysticism and matters of the spirit are experiencing a resurgence. This is not your ancestors’ superstitions. Many of these beliefs are enjoying support from quantum physics, neuroscience, and cellular biology.

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