Elements of a decision tree
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Our lives are created by a series of choices that we’re constantly making. What to eat, what to wear, where to work and play, with whom to associate, and on and on. Some of these choices are trivial; many are not. We like to think that we make decisions consciously and rationally, but this is not the case. Other factors enter into, dominate the decision making process.

A recent CBS news article, called Decisions, Decisions… talks about how we make decisions, stating that we make decisions more with our emotions or gut than with our rational mind. Given the state of the world, and some of the choices we make, that certainly rings true to me. Of course, decision making is a complex process that involves many parts of ourselves. Since the choices we make create the life we lead, they have a major impact on the quality of our lives. Some insight into ourselves and the way we assess the choices before and arrive at decisions us leads to better decisions – and ultimately, better lives.

Our best choices are those that are in alignment with our own truth and who we are in the world. Knowing ourselves and maintaining an open connection with that part of us – intuition, if you will – that part of us that knows who we are and what is right for us and those we love.

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