Inspiring Midlife Women to Create the Best Rest of Their Lives

Have you arrived at a critical juncture, only to find that you’re spinning around in circles in your head, immobilized?

You can continue trying to “figure out” what you should do next with your life – but the truth is that no amount of intellectual reasoning or thinking will get you your answer; you must activate your intuitive insights to find the work you are meant to do and lead the life you want to lead.

Forget About Reinventing Yourself. How About Finding Yourself?

Before you find that new job or career –
Before you find that new love –
Before you find the new lifestyle –
You have to find yourself.

It doesn’t have to be hard, because, guess what – You were born to be you!

Where Do You Start?

As Stephen Covey says, ‘Start with the end in mind.’ To that I add – Start with you in mind. Start with your deepest desires. Translate them into inspired action. Do it now, because if not now, then when?

Stop Floundering. Start creating the best rest of your life. Here’s how:

  • Connect with your deepest desires; Get crystal clear on what you want.
  • Translate your desires into inspired action.
  • Make decisions that are in alignment with who and what you are.

Start Here

Align yourself with your inner guidance and highest potential. That’s your source of inspiration to create the best rest of your life.

Marla Bollak created Sage of Enlightenment as a vehicle to create the space for midlife women to rise above the labels of society and expectations of others to discover who they are and how they want to express themselves in the world.

Clients work with Marla in individual and group coaching programs from the comfort of their own homes. Contact Marla if you are interested in a Midlife Discovery Session.